In the Media

News article on the conference Language and Communication in 2021 (in Slovenian): Philosophy conference which guides through complex questions of contemporary communication

November 2021. A long article at the website of Slovenian national TV on the international conference Language and Communication 2021, co-organized by the project (main organizer: Slovenian Philosophical Society), led and co-ordinated by Gašper Pirc.

Interview with Prof. Noreen Herzfeld (in Slovenian): ‘Imagine a drone of the size of a bumblebee which is equipped with face-recognition technology’

August 2021. A long interview in Slovenian newspaper Večer with Noreen Herzfeld, on the ethics of AI systems (including autonomous weapons), the questions regarding personhood of intelligent machines, and the role of religious traditions in philosophy and ethics of technology.

TV Interview with Dr. Gorazd Andrejč (in Slovenian): Religion and New Technologies

April 2021. Gorazd Andrejč interview on Slovenian National TV 1, on religion, new technologies and new spiritualities.

Round table reportage (in Slovenian): Developmental possibilities and dangers of smart technologies

Nov 2020. An in-depth reportage from a round table on the developmental potentials and dangers of new technologies, with Gorazd Andrejč and Matej Mertik among the speakers, in the news website

(Another media contribution on the same event on e-KoperCapodistria portal can be found on this link)

The Naked Scientist Podcast: Religion and Artificial Intelligence

July 2020, UK. Artificial Intelligence is on the march and it seems destined to play a bigger and bigger part in our lives. Gut feelings about A.I. tend to be negative but could it be used for good? How might its development affect religious belief or religious practice? Presenter: Ed Kessler; Interviewees: Beth Singler, Gorazd Andrejč.